Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 7

Sister Rubinal and I hiked on P-day this week. We went on a trial behind the college in Blanding. There are reproductions of traditional Hogan’s and pioneer cabins along the trail. I had a lot of fun. Went on the top of a small tower out there were we could see Shiprock in the distance.
We have some ward missionaries now!! They are a lot of help covering the 4 wards we are over. They are high school grads who are both considering going missions. I was able to help one of them feel more confident about her teaching skills.
I’m learning the importance of goal setting and achieving them. We had a specialized training with President and sister Batt this week. I’m sad to have them be leaving but also excited to have our new president.
The Sisters from Dove Creek had a baptism and I was able to be there. It is my first one on my mission. The girl is 16. She thought she was a member just because she said she was. She has an excellent testimony. She lives with her dad off the grid in a crazy house that they build out of trampolines and other things. I was going to invite one of our 9 year old investigators to be baptized but she wasn't in town this week. We have another investigator on date to be baptized on AUG 22.  One of the Brothers we are teaching read the book of Mormon story book that we gave him to help him understand the stories; his family done a 180 now that they are reading the Book of Mormon.
A few other random things have happened like; I had Fry bread for the first time. While doing some family history I found out I’m related to a knight in the 1100s. And there is a dead bird that we named Leonard. It’s a funny story.
We had a giant cricket in our tiny shower. Sister Rubinal caught it and screamed the whole way until she got it outside. XD Sister Rubinal said that "being in a companionship is like marriage without the being in love part or actually being married. You get to see each other at your worst and best and learn to compromise and know everything about each other." I got to meet the young boy who plays Jesus in the bible videos. He is in one of my wards!!
5 sisters have told me that I’m probably going to be training someone next transfer. We will see. My step trainer is Sister Brady! I’m going to miss Sister Rubinal, she is having a hard time thinking about going home. I’m trying to get her excited to go back. 

Hike On P-Day

Hanging In A Hogan

The Browns Family

The Coat Of Departure

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