Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 56

Sister Power on a P-day hike 

It's so hot I am sticking my head near the air conditioner while my lovely companion takes a photo. 

I will catch one of these someday but they are so fast.


it's so green here. 

Week 55

All the Sister Training Leaders in the whole mission got together to council on the challenges sister missionaries face in the mission and how we can magnify our callings to help them. 
We are at the mission home with (the best president ever) President Adams and Sister Adams

Can you find Sister Adams? She is the best mission President wife. She is like our mission mom.

Week 54

This week was fantastic! Its problably been one of the best weeks ever! (that I can remember) 
We have been crazy busy and that makes missionaries very happy. We had 27 lessons this week and 7 new Investigators.
For P-day I got my hair cut by another Sister missionary in the mission. I looked hilarious as I sat in the kitchen wearing a trash bag with my head sticking out of the top. Luckily it turned out fine.
This week has been hot and sunny. I have decided that one of the perks of this mission are the long summers. The sun has been our friend because it draws people out of thier homes and outside were we get to talk to them and they can't slam the door on us. ;) We have had lots of service opportunities now that its nice out. When we have a spare chance Sister Chiristopherson and I put on our gloves and pull weeds in our skirts. (you dont need paints to do that) People tend to stop and ask us why we are doing this. Its fun to see people react to an act of kindness. I also learned of a plant called a "goat head" they are not fun to pull. 
We have finished teaching one of our recent converts all the missionary lessons. They are sad we are all finished but they are going to be going to the Temple on Friday!!! =D 
We have talked to alot of less active members who seem to be very confused about the Gospel. The neat part of talking to them is that the Holy Ghost is teaching me the true doctorin in my mind in responce to there the distorted doctorin they are sharing with us. I think that is amazing that I don't have to worry about being lead astry as I have the Holy Ghost to teach me What is true or not. I could go on but the clock is ticking and I have to go.