Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 76

It's been an eye opener training a sister from my home town(ish) She is amazed by all the the things or phrases that we don't have up in north Idaho.  Some of these things are: Goat heads A weed that grows spiky stickers that are known to pop bike tires. They grow everywhere and I constantly have some stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  A monsoon which is a crazy big storm that comes out of nowhere. There usually are buckets of rain coming down that temporarily flood towns & roads. A wash is  like a dry creek bed that drains and all the excess water from the monsoons. It's funny how I now think that everyone has goat heads, monsoons & washes etc...  There is so much work to do in Bloomfield. A happy Missionary is a busy Missionary.
     We are teaching a young mom and here family. They came to church last week! Our first Sunday in Bloomfield and we already had an investigator at church. We taught her again this week and she told us that she is noticing a difference in herself after she started talking with us and coming to church. The children love church and all the church activities through the week.
     A less active woman we were teaching finally came to church! She was baptized a few months ago and has only attended church once after that. We had our ward mission leader and his wife come with us to teach her. He was very bold but loving toward her by asking here "what it was going to take to get her to come to church". She admitted she needed some encouragement. Guess what? She came to church this week!! :0)

As missionaries we get up out of bed before 6:30 on Sunday and meet with our ward mission leader at 7:00. So we somehow get showered and all dressed up in 15 minutes I have to say we are pretty impressed with ourselves.
     Our ward is huge! We always fill up the overflow area and have to seat people in the gym to fit. Our gospel principle class was so full we had to get creative with the seating arrangement so we aren't sitting on each others laps.
     We got to do some service this week. We washed and elderly woman s car for her. It was fun. It feels like summer here so it was nice to get a little wet.
     For district meeting I was asked to give a training and conduct a roll play. I got creative and had all the Elders (we are the only sisters in our district) teach my companion Sister Nicholes If any of you know her you would know that she is a really great actor. We had a shawl and a cane for her to play and elderly woman. I turned the role playing into a game. Each Elder could only say one sentence each. If they said more then they were out. They all got really into it. It was a blast. It taught them to listen to what their companion was saying.
     We met a man who wanted to do a Bible study with us. I thought we were going to study the Bible together but I was mistaken. All he talked about was what his beliefs are and why ours was wrong We didn't take the bait and argue with him but bore simple but powerful testimony that we know this is true and that he can know if the book of Mormon the keystone of our religion is true or false by reading and praying about it. He went on about how we didn't need to pray to know the the book of Mormon is false. I had teh prompting to ask him why he was afraid to pray about it so I did. He physically flinched at my words and denied that we was afraid and said he would pray about the book of Mormon. We saw him the next day and he had cleaned up and shaved his beard off and had his long hair pulled back and his confidence seemed brighter. I asked he had prayed yet. He paused and admitted that he hadn't yet but it made our day to see that the spirit was working on him and that we are making a difference in peoples lives.
some of the people we teach tell us that it is different having sister Missionaries teaching them instead of Elders. I'm curious how the Elders teach.
     We had an amazing experience teaching on the power of prayer and at the end of the lesson invited the father of the family say a kneeling closing prayer. In the middle of the prayer their home teacher came over. Their son got up and answered the door while we were still kneeling until the end of the prayer. Their home teacher was teary eyed and said "There is nothing like a father saying kneeling prayer with is family"
     It's October the month of Halloween. Our ward had a trunk or treat this week and it was so cute to see the kids dressed up. My companion and I like to play around and scare the the other companion sisters that we live with. I got them really good one night when we got home we saw that they were already in their office room planning for the next days lesson. I stood outside in the dark just lurking in the window until one of them looked up. The poor sisters eyes got huge as she screamed and fell over in fear. It was so funny! To get back at us they this porcelain doll that we named Bertha. I've hid it around around the house to scare each other. We once even found Bertha sitting in the back of our car buckled up and starring at us. So you could say we have the Halloween spirit this month.
     Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good week.

Sister Kimberling

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 75

Transfers Happened!! Wow there is so much to talk about! 
It was a weird feeling having all the things you own all in the truck. Leaving behind your old home to a new one. I stayed the night in Farmington, NM and the next morning I was assigned my new trainee companion. The Sister I was assigned to train is actually from my Stake back in North Idaho. Crazy! Her name is Sister Nicholes if any of you know her. Our schools were rivals in sports and we hung out some in Young Single Adults. Her dad was my Stake President. Its supper neat that Heavenly Father put us together out of all the possibilities.
We live with the Aztec 1 Sister missionaries. We are the only set of sisters living with another set in the whole mission. Mainly because there are not very many of us in the first place. Its weird having roommates that aren't your one companion. Its a really good group of sisters. We all get along and love to come home and tell stories of all the things that have happened in our own areas. We have a lot of good laughs. Its like a sleepover every night. The sisters love to remind me that I'm going home soon. They even made bets on when I will get married. all the bets are under a year... We like to workout in the mornings together by going on morning walks (in the dark). The moon has been supper bright the last few mornings. We are supper excited for Halloween because in the mission we have a rule to be inside for the night by 6pm. We are the only sisters that can hang out that night without having to leave our house! :D we are already planing some fun things to do. 
 So the area we opened up to sisters. We are sharing a ward with a companionship of Elders. We have the west half and they have the East side. They gave us a list of people they were teaching who live on our side of town. There are a lot of investigators. We even have people who are working towards Baptism! We have been going to town with the work here. There is so much to do its fantastic! I am loving it so much! We just invited a family to be baptized and they said yes! They even showed up to church this Sunday. 
The ward is SUPER excited to have sister missionaries. Apparently they haven't had sister missionaries for over 10 years. The Young Women are really excited to meet us and the single women in the ward are all dying to feed us because they could not feed the Elders (or give them hugs). We are the buzz of the ward right now. Everyone is surprised to find out me and my comp are both from CDA Idaho. We have been called the CDA sisters. Haha. 
The Ward is huge! the overflow area is not enough. they have to open up the gym every week for more seating space. The town of Bloomfield is 1/3 Hispanic 1/3 Navajo 1/3 White. Its supper fun. I found out my old Ward Mission Leader form Aztec 2nd ward has moved into the Bloomfield ward :D
 We are given food almost every night so far. Our Aztec sisters are really appreciating it ;) 
There was a stake Relief Society activity this week. I got to see a lot of members form my old area in Aztec 2nd ward. I was so happy to see them again. They all want me to keep in touch and come visit someday. The them of the activity was the parable of the ten virgins and their oil lamps. We made our own oil lamps in remembrance of how we need to always be filling our lamps with few drops every day to prepare to meet the bridegroom. The apart was so strong as they explained the symbolism in this painting. 
I am so grateful to me a missionary. I am grateful for the trust the Lord has in me. I know HE is mindful of me. That I am forever changed by my mission. I know that this is only the beginning of the growth He has in store for me. I know that Heavenly Father is a God of progression and I can keep the testimony I have gained. it will keep on getting stronger. 
Sister Nicholes and I with President and Sister Adams.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 74

     Well Transfers were coming up but I didn't think too much was going to change with me going home so soon. Sister Porter Joked that I am going to be training and open up a new area. I thought it was funny because that would be the most extreme possibility. My head would be spinning by the time I would get to the airport. little did we know because 20 min latter I got a call form President Adams asking me to train and open up a new area in Bloomfield.
I'm excited for the adventure! I'm going to be so busy. This will be 4th time I've trained and She will be my 15th companion. (not counting my MTC companion)
      I just found out that we will be living with another companionship of sisters in Aztec but we will drive to Bloomfield every day to work in our area. I'm excited! I have never lived with another companionship of Sister Missionaries before. Let alone live next to any sisters. There are only 37 sisters in our whole mission of 170 missionaries. So we don't bump into each other often. 
     This week we talked to a man who is investigating the church. He is wanted to do some research on our religion and found that a TV show talked about the LDS church... Ancient ALIENS! He went on to inform us that it talked about Joseph Smith and the gold plates. That the angel Moroni was an alien who was from another galaxy or something. So apparently we are an extraterrestrial religion. We had to teach him the Restoration again to really clarify things. We hope we will pray about all of this and not just believe all that he sees on TV. But it made the week interesting :)  

Sister Porter Vs. The Spider
Bailee Got Baptized!
Goodbye Durango.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Week 71

     Well its officially fall. It has been getting cold in the mornings in Durango. We have a good supply of hand warmers and blankets and a working heating system in our home. So we are ready for fall and winter! The mountains are turning all sorts of beautiful colors now. Fall is my favorite time of the year.
     We have been doing service for members this week by helping them pick their apple trees. I love harvesting. Its just like we were going to Carvers Farm in Washington. :D We even got to keep some to eat. 
      Sister Porter and I are having a lot of fun working together. The other day she sneezed and hit her head on the steering wheel and made the horn go off. XD don't worry we were in a parking lot.We make sure to record all our funny moments to look back on for a good laugh.
The stake had a devotional activity for just the women." to be called woman" It was supper organized and the spirit was so strong. There were lady's who were asked to represent women in the scriptures and some woman leaders of our day like Sister Hinkley. The part were a pioneer woman told of her story really touched my heart.
We are working on building a bond and a trust with the members of the ward. One of the families are from Moscow Idaho. we talked about the story of Elijah and It was brought up in sacrament meeting this Sunday. The father was sitting in the front row and made a point to turn around and point at us sister missionaries sitting all the way in the back of the chapel. XD it made us laugh pretty good. 
um there was a few other things that have happened but my time on the computer is limited so maybe next time. I love you all and thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great week!!! 

I went on exchanges with Faith & Hope Christensens cousin. Small World!

Our District went on a hike
Sister Porter my flower child Companion.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 69

My Birthday Dinner

Our District

Exchanges with the Farmington Sisters

We ran through a monsoon it felt like we walked through a shower.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 68

This week has been full of great things. To start off because my past comp was ill I was not able to go on exchanges yet with all the sisters in my stewardship. so now we have been doing all six (each 24 hours) exchanges these last few weeks. I have been running around like crazy! but I can handle it. Im not overwhelmed by it all though. My poor new comp, Sister Anderson has only been able to work in Durango for 5 days the rest of the time she is in Cortez wotking woth the comp of the sister that is with me in Durango. She is a trooper. 
 We have been kocking alot. We mostly have been working in the local trailer parks beacuse they are fantastic for finding people to teach there. Most people there dont have alot and are humble and willing to listen to our message of hope and peace. Almsot all the people we talk to or teach are Lateino. I have grown to really love the spanish people! 
Sister Millard (one of my sisters I took on exchanges with) Knows spanish well enusf to hold a conversation and teach the gosple. I dont know any spanish and alot of people there speek only spanish or they somewhat know english. So the language barer is a fun cahllange. Whenever we have that problem we jsut give them a spaish Restoration panphlet so it can do the teaching. Just trying to think outside of the box. Anyways back to sister Millard. She was able to knocking with me and talk to all the people there in spanish. It was so funny to see the supprise on their face when they would hear this tall blond girl speak spanish. Before we would leave we liked to sing them a hymn. It brought the spirit is so strong when we sing. There was a family we sang to on there porch after sharing with them the reatoraion. the Children loved it so much that they begged us to sing another and anthoer. We endred up singing three songs. I know that they love it so much becuse they lilked the feelings the spirit brought. We then had a herd of children following us on the streets helping us with our spanish as we knock on their neeboors doors. then they would go quiet and sit still when they herd us start to sing again. We had a great time. We found several new investrigaots that day. We only need to find a few members that know spanish to be our translator. 

Week 65

     Well the sad news is that my companion Sister Prichard had to go home due to medical problems. So the pattern continues with all my companions being sent home or I'm training them. She is niw the 5th Sister I have sent home. Let me tell you it's not fun. I love that Sister so much! She is going to do a lot of good back home in Georgia. She will forever be an amazing missionary. 

     Because of all that I had an emergency transfer. As I waved goodbye to Sister Prichard in the airport I met up with my new companion Sister Anderson. Who knows what the upcoming transfer will hold for us. Sister Anderson is from Manasa Colorado we were both surprised that she was sent up to the northern part of the mission being that it is close to her home. Church for her this Sunday was just a little too weird for her.

     Sister Anderson is amazing! Together we have been tearing Durango apart. It makes me so happy after being cooped up in the house for over a week. Work, work, work and work is what we have been doing. Sister Anderson taught me a saying " till you die plus one" which means keep going until you drop dead tired then go the extra mile (or door). We have decided to cut our lunch breaks to have more time to work. I take naps in the car for my lunch breaks. We feel good but exhausted. In two days we had 5 lessons with non-members, all by knocking on doors we now have 3 new investigators!

     We helped with a couple of activities this week as well as helped set up and participated in a musical that taught the plan of salvation. The Pagosa springs Sister missionaries put it together with the help of their ward. The stage was the flatbed of a semi truck in the church parking lot. A lot of people came even less active and non-members.

     The next day we went to MTC camp in Bayfield. We taught the priests and laurels how to tech the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to an investigator. It was a lot of fun roll-playing as people we have known and taught in real life. The future looks bright for future missionary work.

     To sum up this week, it was amazing and eventful. You know you gave the Lord all you've got when you get home so exhausted that you can barley see anything. I love being a missionary! I wouldn't trade this time for anything else. I love working side by side with my savior and readeemer, Jesus Christ.


Week 64

     Missionary leadership council was this week. It's when all of the zone leaders and Sister training leaders meet with President Adams and Sister Adams to council on the needs and concerns of the mission. I love going. I learn so much while we share ideas and opinions. The Spirit was very strong in that little upstairs room. I know that Heavenly Father was guiding us to the conclusions that were best.

     We have been busy helping people move this week. We helped two families move and offered to help a third while walking the streets. We even had a lady move into town who had been taking the lessons from the sisters in the past. At one point the Sister missionaries were moved out of Durango. This Sister didn't feel comfortable with talking to the Elders.  But now we are back! I'm so grateful Heavenly Father helps us. She just came out of nowhere.  The second family we helped move was spontaneous. Bishop Blake gave us a call asking us to come help. On Sunday bishop mentioned the missionaries being able to help. Hopefully the ward knows they can call on us anytime.

     We got a text from a tourist from Utah who wanted some copies of the Book of Mormon. He had met a man and his girlfriend in Durango that might be interested in taking the discussions. Now that's what i call a member missionary. He was magnifying his calling even while on vacation.

     While tracting we met a family who were southern harpist. They were super friendly they are familiar with the L.D.S. Church and really like our values. They had us sit in there porch and talk a bit. They offered us bug spray and water. We learned that before they moved here they were in Keyenta. They said that no one talked to their neighbors which was strange to them because in the south everybody talks to and knows everyone. They said the only people who showed up on their porch to introduce themselves in that time was the missionaries. They liked that. We didn't even ask for there phone number they just gave it to us and said we should call if we need anything. They want to have us over for dinner sometime too. WOW!!! Our ward mission leader was super excited. He lives just down the street from them so he and his wife would go by bring cookies and introduce themselves. 
     There was a lady visiting the ward last Sunday. She is a ward missionary in her home ward and has a special place in her heart for Sister missionaries. She called us over across the room to tell that if we didn't have a dinner appointment this week she will feed us. She was super excited. To talk to us and even is going to invite one of her non member friends to the dinner as well.

   Life is good. Things are working out. I am grateful to be working  side by side with my Savior Jesus Christ. To say and do what he would say and do to the very people whom he has chosen me to. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of me and my needs. Thank you for reading have a great week.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 61

     Well I hope everyone had a great independence day. We missionaries forget there are these things called holidays. (except Christmas as Mothers day ;). We were driving back from exchanges when we saw the firework show in Durango. My favorite part of it all was to see all the city come out and be a standstill. As we drove home we saw people pull over to stop and watch the show. crowds of people were all standing on side of the roads threw whole town looking up in aw. We joked that this is what the second coming might look like. ;) My companion was staying the night in Blanding for exchanges that night so I got to give advise were the bst place in there is house is to watch the show. Its crazy to think I was there a year ago watching that very show. 
      The Elders forgot to plan a District hike so this week we will go YAY! We stayed busy and went to the fish hatchery and wildlife museum instead. 
     We are working on building our teaching pool so we are starting to get serious abut trackting. Though most missionaries say that its not the most effective but if you have the faith you will have the miracles. And we did!!! We got three new potential investigators. You get the funniest stories when you go knock peoples doors. We had a young woman answer the door with "oh hey!" We were a little taken back by how friendly she was. Normally they panic when they see us. So we guessed she might be a member but kept talking about who we are expecting that she was going to stop us and say "oh sisters i'm a member" But no. We found out shes not but has had a LDS family pick her up off the streets and take care of her for a while. She loves the church. She then randomly blurted out "do you want some blueberries!" My comp and I just looked at each other and replied sure. so she got out a big basket of them we we all just stood there eating. She was so funny. We were even able to give her a Book of Mormon and invited her to pray about it. 

My Zone

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 56

Sister Power on a P-day hike 

It's so hot I am sticking my head near the air conditioner while my lovely companion takes a photo. 

I will catch one of these someday but they are so fast.


it's so green here. 

Week 55

All the Sister Training Leaders in the whole mission got together to council on the challenges sister missionaries face in the mission and how we can magnify our callings to help them. 
We are at the mission home with (the best president ever) President Adams and Sister Adams

Can you find Sister Adams? She is the best mission President wife. She is like our mission mom.

Week 54

This week was fantastic! Its problably been one of the best weeks ever! (that I can remember) 
We have been crazy busy and that makes missionaries very happy. We had 27 lessons this week and 7 new Investigators.
For P-day I got my hair cut by another Sister missionary in the mission. I looked hilarious as I sat in the kitchen wearing a trash bag with my head sticking out of the top. Luckily it turned out fine.
This week has been hot and sunny. I have decided that one of the perks of this mission are the long summers. The sun has been our friend because it draws people out of thier homes and outside were we get to talk to them and they can't slam the door on us. ;) We have had lots of service opportunities now that its nice out. When we have a spare chance Sister Chiristopherson and I put on our gloves and pull weeds in our skirts. (you dont need paints to do that) People tend to stop and ask us why we are doing this. Its fun to see people react to an act of kindness. I also learned of a plant called a "goat head" they are not fun to pull. 
We have finished teaching one of our recent converts all the missionary lessons. They are sad we are all finished but they are going to be going to the Temple on Friday!!! =D 
We have talked to alot of less active members who seem to be very confused about the Gospel. The neat part of talking to them is that the Holy Ghost is teaching me the true doctorin in my mind in responce to there the distorted doctorin they are sharing with us. I think that is amazing that I don't have to worry about being lead astry as I have the Holy Ghost to teach me What is true or not. I could go on but the clock is ticking and I have to go. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 49

We played ultimate Frisbee with our district this last Prep day. I felt so good after that. I really got some exercise. That is my kind of exercise when your doing something fun and you get a workout as you do it. 
     We have a bunch of old referrals given to us this week that have yet to be contacted. We had one in particular that was an adventure to find. We had to drive in and out of the state to get to this particular road this woman lived on. Few! after a long drive we were able to drop off the King James Bible she wanted. 
       We had a wonderful District meeting this week. Its the first one this transfer so it is a new bunch of missionaries. Our District Leader got up and said "you are ether going to love me or hate me for this but I want you to make a five min training on how to be a concentrated missionary, Go!" We were all not very happy. But we did it and all of us shared the training's. It was so good! I felt spiritually feed and was really happy we didnt just do get to know you games that day. Im excited to work with this District this transfer.
     On of the insights shared that day was this
    "None of us should be like the fisherman who thinks he has been fishing all day when in reality he has spent most of his time getting to and from the water, eating lunch, and fussing over his equipment. Fishing success is related to how long you have your line in the water, not how long you are away from the apartment. Some fisherman are away from home fore twelve hours and have their line in the water for ten hours. Other fisherman are away from home for twelve hours and have their lines in the water for only two hours. This last type may wonder why they do not have the same success as others.
       "The same principle applies to missionaries whom the Master called'fishers of men' a missionary's line should drop into the fishing water the moment he or she leaves the apartment"
-Dallin H. Oaks 
        This week we also went tracking in an area that the sisters before us didnt touch because they felt like it was a little scary. We both thought we could go on a bright sunny day and be brave and find lost souls. When we were walking up to the first trailer Sister Chistopherson got a very clear prompting that said " I already told Sister Clark and Sister Herrara not to go here, do I have to tell you too?" So we both qickly got out of there. It shows that we are watched over by a caring Father. 
Well I was asked to sing at Scarement meeting next week. we will see how htat goes. 
We will be going to the Aztec Ruin today YAY!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 48

Not a whole lot to write about this week. But one of the best things that has happened this week was during Sacrament meeting. We had fast and testimony meeting that day. One of our recent converts went up an bore his testimony. He talked about how he knows that this is the true church and that he was lead here by God and that you can feel His love here at church from all the wonderful ward members. He has felt the spirit tell him this is true. 
  It just made my day to hear that! I just was beaming from ear to ear to see some of the fruits of our labors.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 46

   For Prep Day Sister Chirstopherson wanted to go jogging so we went to the church parking lot and she jogged around there while I sat on the grass writing letters. :P We like to make compromises.
     We had exchanges with the Farmington Young Single Adults Sisters this week. I had the chance to get to know one of the new sisters in the mission, Sister Lusk. She is just a mini me. HA! We are so similar its crazy! She is from a small town in Idaho called Sugar City. She offered to take me on a backpacking trip to hot springs near her home. sounds good to me :)  
     We had an adventure trying to find a specific address. We went up some fun dirt roads and found a hidden neighborhood of houses in the middle of no where and a pack of small dogs chased our jeep. It was funny and random. I had a good time. One of my favorite parts was when we asked a lady if she knew who a certain person was. Her response was " We are like cats up here, We keep to ourselves" I have never herd that expression before. :)
     We were finally able to meet with a family that we wanted to invite to be Baptized. When we finished teaching the lesson and invited them. They said YES! The Husband was so excited he said yes before Sister Christopherson could even finish asking them to follow Jesus Christs example and be baptized. :D Im so excited they want to change so much. They want to be happy and know this is the path they should take to have lasting happiness.
   The main Highlight of the week was a Baptism!!!! A couple we were teaching were baptized and confirmed this week!!! I love them so so much! They have overcome so many trials to get to this point in their life. But they made it through all the challenges the advisary  was throwing at them to keep them from being baptized. They are so strong. The Husband told me that he felt like he was floating, that all his burdens are gone and he feels so light now. :D It was such a spirirtual experince. I even felt the Holy Ghost tell me " you are doing good" "you are helping my children". I felt so much of Gods love fore me and for them! 
     The Aztec second  ward is so great. They helped us set up some nice tables and brought cookies and flowers. They are so loving to these wonderful new members. We didnt have to do much, they just welcomed them into the church with open arms. YES!  
     The Elders helped save the day too because all the people we asked to play the piano were sick (all 5 of them) but luckily some of them know how to play and drove over to help. 
Sister Clark drove back to the mission just to watch the Baptism. It was so neat.
        Now we need to help them get a temple recommend and go to the temple. Im so excited to help them find names to take to the temple!
     We also were given music to sing to one of the seventy who will be visiting the mission soon ! Im so excited!

We baked treats for our investigators on Valentine's Day. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 40

                This has been such a great week. I have been called to train again. I was assigned to train a sister Christophersen! She is already such an amazing missionary. I’m honored to be the one to train her.
                Sister Christophersen is from Wyoming. She is super crafty and loves exercising. She is hitting the ground running. I am learning a lot from her too. It has been a lot of fun watching her learn and get the hang of missionary life.  Just recently she has been learning how to properly answer the phone. She gets so excited to answer calls now.
                We have been doing a lot of tracting this week. While going door-to-door we meet a pastor of another faith. We talked to him and prayed with him. He accepted the book of Mormon that he had just rejected right before the prayer. The Spirit was there and that man’s heart was softened and he is now willing to read another testament of Jesus Christ.
                I had been praying to find people to teach. We have had a couple of referrals from the Church and met people on the street. The power of prayer is real!
                We gave a book of Mormon to a man who had requested one online. He wasn’t interested in talking to us but he was excited to read.  We are ok with that because we know that the prophets of ancient America (like Nephi) can teach him.
                I have been studying the Book of Mormon a lot lately. While reading I got a powerful but quiet feeling that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God. That it is true. I have never questioned it but now I know with a surety that it is true.  
                Aztec 2nd ward is the best! There are lots of members who offer to come with us to lessons. What a blessing! I suggest you help the missionaries in your area. They will appreciate it so much.
                There is a lot of muddy country roads here. In some places we only walk so we don’t get stuck. It’s fun to hike through the mud. One time while we were walking we saw a truck drive by with a large German Sheppard chasing it down trying to get at the dog inside the truck. The dog gave up the chase and turned straight to us. We were both afraid. I said a quick prayer in my heart. The dog started coming to us. For some reason I put my hand out for it to smell. The dog came up to me. I began to pet the dog and he became uninterested in us. When he left us Sister Christophersen put down a large rock she had picked up to defend herself. God is definitely watching over us. Missions are so exciting.
                I was reading some old Ensigns and found some article that talk about Blanding Utah! (My first area) They are titled “Sand and Stone” and “Faith to answer the call” in the July 2011 Ensign. I even know some of the people who went on that trek discussed in the article. Crazy Cool!
                Thank you everyone for all of the support. The Church Is True!

My Desk and Sister Christophersen

Trees in Durango

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 35

Well it has been a while since I have been 
able to update my posts. It has been crazy around here and I was transferred to Aztec New Mexico. It was a bitter sweet move after being in Blanding for such a long time. But I will go where the lord needs me to go. So rread on for the latest of my adventures. 

     We got permission to go to Farmington to shop at the local Walmart on Preparation Day. A real Walmart! It was a treat to be able to go there. :) 
     We also got to check out a really neat Wildlife Museum. It was alot bigger than I was expecting. It just keeped going and going. There were so many animals there, some I have never seen before. Apparently its the largest personal collection in the nation. Sweet! I ended up taking a ton of pictures. There were some man eaters there too. They had a Tiger that the villagers had asked this hunter from America to shot. Her name was Limping Tiger. She had an injury that keeped her form being able to hunt. so she would reach into huts pull people out and eat them instead. 
They also had a man eating alligator. He had a bunch necklaces the married tribal women would were in his belly. Yikes!    ​
     We got to split wood this week. That is always fun. 
     We had a Christmas Devotional before Christmas. President and Sister Adams both talked on the true meaning of Christmas. It was supper spiritual and then we ended it off with watching a few videos and slideshows Sister Adams has made to reflect on the year. We got to go home with mission Stockings that have our mission crest on it. 
     For District meeting we all got stockings form our District leader. He hung them up on the wall drew a fireplace with a little crayon fire. :P After District meeting we went caroling. It was really fun! I love all the different reactions we got. Some people would be do happy they cried. or some people would be frightened that there are a bunch of missionaries on there porch. :) 
     On Christmas Eve we ate at a members house. They have a tradition of eating Fondue on Christmas eve. That was my first time eating it and it was actually really good! (and just fun to eat)
Sister Herrera and I sang Christmas Hymns right before bed. and talked that night about times we have seen miracles and blessings in our lives. I truly felt the love my Heavenly Father has for me. It was the best Christmas ever.
     On Christmas morning we opened our presents shortly after morning exercises. 
     I loved Skyping with my family! It really made my day! I wasn't sad because I know I will see them again.

     I got a white Cgristmas

     The stockings a member made us

     Our Christmas tree

     The Wildlife Museum