Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 6

I had a neat experience this week by following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. We went to a family who has been avoiding us every time we make appointments. There car wasn't home so we knew that they weren't home I had a promoting to knock anyway, the door opened up and there was Kenneth. He is the brother living with them. He never hung around when we would give lessons but today he was very talkative and friendly. We found out to our surprise that he is a member and had served a mission in England. We got him to tell us all about his mission. It was great to have him reflect on the times he had the Holy Ghost with him. You could just see it in his eyes as he began to feel it again.
I am now in love with doing family history now that I know how.
There was a monsoon that came there and we took shelter in a member’s home. Her trailer was leaking water and we placed pots and pans all around the house. It was kind fun.
A lot of the missionaries in my district are going home soon :( so we have been taking  a bunch of pictures.
Sister Rubinal and I started running in the mornings.
We went on exchanges to St Michaels this week. That is one of the few places on the reservation that sisters serve. It was a 4 hour drive to get there from Blanding. I got to see my MTC companion Sister Brakall again!!! I love her, she is the best. We decided to be pen-pals for the rest of our missions. I learned how to open and close prayers in Navajo. The dogs on the reservation are not very friendly... That’s another story. Anyway while walking off the dirt roads in St. Michaels I stepped on a patch of grass and a crazy shrill came from it. A rabbit came darting out from under my foot. yes I stepped on a rabbit first time on the reservation. It’s funny now but at the time Brakall and I were on edge because there was some dogs that were following us so it really startled us. On our 4 hour drive home we were hit by a monsoon. We said prayers and were fine :). There was a car accident in Shiprock on our way home so we had to take the back roads. Thanks for writing me. Love you all!

Seeing Sister Breakall again!
Being weird like normal

On the way to the Reservation

Driving through a Monsoon!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 5

I got to go on another exchange YAY! We drove to Aztec New Mexico. It’s a 2 hour drive. We had fun enjoying the scenery and singing. In Aztec I got the chance to visit a retirement home. We visited with a woman who was secretly struggling with depression and just wanted to die. She said that she knows that God loves little old her because he sent us sisters. "His name is on your badge" That was another testimony building moment for me.
I saw a jack rabbit for the first time. They are bigger than I thought. During exchanges my exchange companion said that she was shocked to hear that I’ve been in the field for only 4 weeks. She thought I was a seasoned missionary after we had taught a few people that day. I don’t know what she’s talking about. I know that the Holy Ghost is what helps me teach. I rely on Heavenly Father on what I need to say and what they need. He knows them more than I do.
 One of the mornings at the Flora Vista exchange the member we are living with said that morning "good morning creepy little exercise people" XD On our 2 hour dive home we saw rattlesnakes sunbathing in the road. The drive got extended because of construction.
I trained everyone at the last district meeting for the first time. Sister Rubinal and I were told there is a place where you can eat buffalo burgers when we got there we found out they no longer had that, so we had an award moment of walking out. Ha-ha it was so funny.
I’m now the designated driver so I can learn the area faster. Sister Rubinal is leaving in 2 weeks! The members in Blanding are so sweet we got a cute package of candy with an inspiring note. 
 “Obedience brings Blessings Exact obedience brings Miracles” 
Bradley The Shoe

Ship Rock

Week 4

I got the go on hike on P-day! One of the families from our wards took us to some neat places. I go to go to “Fire House” and “Arch Canyon” SO FUN! Fire house is native ruins that light up red when the sun hits the stone above it just right.
Sister Rubinal is such a fun companion. We talk in accents all the time. Once I was asked if I was from England. hehe. We made a quote wall in our room of all the funny things we say. I should take a picture of that. We are blessed with a car in our area. We listen to Nashville Tribute all the time. We even have some songs memorized.
I’ve had lots of success lately. We have had several inactive members come back to church. I met a woman who my companion has been trying to have her pray. The lady volunteered to pray the first time I came over. Sister Rubinal says that she liked me. Miracles are happening! I had my first exchange this week. I think they are fun and I learn a lot. I have the best sister training leader ever!! She taught me so many tricks. I need to learn my area quickly. I have only a few weeks till my companion goes home. I know that God sent me here because I was needed and can handle it.
I got my first sunburn on my mission, awesome tan lines :) I got to go to a re-dedication of an old church building. It’s over 100 years old. Cowboys and sheep herders build it with their own supplies. It was the heart of Blanding for some time. I watched 17 miracles again. It was so inspiring. If they can go through what they did I can easily do this. 
Adventure Hike

Fire House Ruins

Arch Canyon

Service Project Making Flower Beds

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 3


     My companion sister Rubinal has a child's shoe on her dashboard of the mission vehicle. His name is Bradley. Yes Bradley the shoe. She said that she is very attached to it and it’s probably not healthy. XD she found it in a parking lot early in her mission. I love her she is so funny. We talk to each other in British accents all the time.
      I’ve just arrived in Blanding UT population 4,000. There is only one grocery store and one blinking stop light in the whole town. I was told that the area I’m serving is the land of milk and honey because we are fed so well here. 80% of the population is LDS. That doesn't mean all of them are active members of the church though. I still can’t get over the fact that the dirt is red here. There are so many doves here too. They are everywhere! Half the people run around in cowboy boots. Many of the people here are Navajo. I got a book on the Navajo language. Not many speak it here though. 
     There is a sign outside of Blanding that warns of deer accidents. Apparently there is a major mule deer migratory route going across the highway. There is a sign that counts the number of accidents. Right now there have been 115. 

My Companion Sister Rubinal

Red Dirt

Making Friends