Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 48

Not a whole lot to write about this week. But one of the best things that has happened this week was during Sacrament meeting. We had fast and testimony meeting that day. One of our recent converts went up an bore his testimony. He talked about how he knows that this is the true church and that he was lead here by God and that you can feel His love here at church from all the wonderful ward members. He has felt the spirit tell him this is true. 
  It just made my day to hear that! I just was beaming from ear to ear to see some of the fruits of our labors.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 46

   For Prep Day Sister Chirstopherson wanted to go jogging so we went to the church parking lot and she jogged around there while I sat on the grass writing letters. :P We like to make compromises.
     We had exchanges with the Farmington Young Single Adults Sisters this week. I had the chance to get to know one of the new sisters in the mission, Sister Lusk. She is just a mini me. HA! We are so similar its crazy! She is from a small town in Idaho called Sugar City. She offered to take me on a backpacking trip to hot springs near her home. sounds good to me :)  
     We had an adventure trying to find a specific address. We went up some fun dirt roads and found a hidden neighborhood of houses in the middle of no where and a pack of small dogs chased our jeep. It was funny and random. I had a good time. One of my favorite parts was when we asked a lady if she knew who a certain person was. Her response was " We are like cats up here, We keep to ourselves" I have never herd that expression before. :)
     We were finally able to meet with a family that we wanted to invite to be Baptized. When we finished teaching the lesson and invited them. They said YES! The Husband was so excited he said yes before Sister Christopherson could even finish asking them to follow Jesus Christs example and be baptized. :D Im so excited they want to change so much. They want to be happy and know this is the path they should take to have lasting happiness.
   The main Highlight of the week was a Baptism!!!! A couple we were teaching were baptized and confirmed this week!!! I love them so so much! They have overcome so many trials to get to this point in their life. But they made it through all the challenges the advisary  was throwing at them to keep them from being baptized. They are so strong. The Husband told me that he felt like he was floating, that all his burdens are gone and he feels so light now. :D It was such a spirirtual experince. I even felt the Holy Ghost tell me " you are doing good" "you are helping my children". I felt so much of Gods love fore me and for them! 
     The Aztec second  ward is so great. They helped us set up some nice tables and brought cookies and flowers. They are so loving to these wonderful new members. We didnt have to do much, they just welcomed them into the church with open arms. YES!  
     The Elders helped save the day too because all the people we asked to play the piano were sick (all 5 of them) but luckily some of them know how to play and drove over to help. 
Sister Clark drove back to the mission just to watch the Baptism. It was so neat.
        Now we need to help them get a temple recommend and go to the temple. Im so excited to help them find names to take to the temple!
     We also were given music to sing to one of the seventy who will be visiting the mission soon ! Im so excited!

We baked treats for our investigators on Valentine's Day.