Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 16

This week was everything I hoped for and more! I had my birthday on P-Day and I was surprised when one of the young single adult members made a birthday cake and presented it to me that night. She had he candles all light and my Zone leaders on speaker phone and they sang happy birthday. It was so sweet of her. I almost cried. 
We had the mission tour! It was everything I hopped for and more. I even got to shake Elder Goldens Hand!! Ahh!! I learned a lot. 
We had a Baptism! It is my first one as a missionary. This investigator was the first person I taught in the field. I’m so blessed to be able to teach him all the lessons and be able stay long enough in Blanding to see him get baptized. He and his 8 year old sister got baptized on the dame day. His Grandpa baptized them. His grandpa had part in translating the Book of Mormon into Navajo. So cool!!! 
Thank you so much for your support everyone! 


Week 15

            This is my first week with my new companion Sister Browning.  I’m so lucky, to have her as a companion! Funny story, Sister Browning was called to help finish my training me and was happy to do so but I’m finished with my training already. Even though she isn’t my trainer I am still learning a lot from her.  She is very in tune with the Spirit.  She says things like they are and is very honest. I admire that.
            I have been able to read the book “Jesus the Christ”.  It’s amazing to know that we fought in the pre-earth live for the chance to come to earth, gain a body and learn from our hardships here.
            We had a woman come up to us asking for help to get baptized.  She has taken the lessons before but didn’t go to her baptism.   We teach her in her empty apartment that doesn’t have electricity.  We are helping her understand how to recognize the Spirit.  While teaching her we found out that you can still feel the spirit while hearing Joseph Smiths first vision in English as well as Spanish.  Though our investigator is Native and doesn’t speak Spanish we felt impressed to have the member (return Missionary from Peru) who was there helping us teach to share the first vision in Spanish. We had to pay close attention to how it made us feel and the Spirit was just as strong in that hot, empty, barren apartment.
            Also this week we felt like we should go to a particular part of town, where we knocked on a woman’s door that apparently needed to see us that day. Her dog had died that morning. She and her sons were very attached to that dog. They prayed for the first time in a long time.  She felt good and peaceful inside and now wants to come back to church again. God works in Mysterious ways as their dogs death brought them closer to Christ.
            Another neat experience from this week was when I felt the need to see a particular sister we had been referred to go see.  It was discouraging to find that no one was home at her apartment. We went and tried some other doors in the area and ran into a woman who had a life changing experience that day. She went to her brother’s wedding where her anti-Christian relatives came to her during the wedding and asked her what that strange feeling they were experiencing was. She testified to them that it is the Holy Ghost. She said she was grateful that we had come by and that she could tell someone how amazing it was. She now has the desire to become active at church again. She is considering serving a mission herself. We also found out her father was one of the first Missionaries to serve on the reservation and he also taught Navajo at the Missionary Training Center. He had died a few years back and she said she had felt closer to him that day. It is so neat to hear such wonderful testimonies as a Missionary.

Week 14

This week was a little frustrating because both my companion and I got sick but at different times.  Our area was affected by this.  We were unable to have as many lessons as we would have liked.
We got to train on obedience in zone training.  It went really well. We had a box full of different scenarios and we would take turns role playing on kindly correcting each other.  Everyone enjoyed it.  At one point the power went out.  The Elders continued giving the lesson in the dark as if nothing had happened. It turned out to be a very spiritual lesson.  Overall it was probably the best zone training thus far.
I got transfer news! I’m staying in Blanding. My new companion will be sister Browning. I am so excited!  I have gotten to know her through exchanges.  She is one of the funniest missionaries I know. We are going to have a blast working together.  She has served in Blanding earlier in her mission and she absolutely loves it.  It’s her last transfer before she goes home so she is excited about that too.

Week 13

I got the opportunity to go to the Bridges Natural Monument for P-Day. I have never seen anything like it before. I was a treat to go.
            We have 2 baptisms coming up this month.  One of the family’s daughters we are teaching drew pictures of Missionaries and said it was me in the picture. She then gave it to me. They are so sweet. Something I have noticed on my mission is that little kids are drawn to Missionaries and pictures of Jesus. The find it familiar and are drawn to the light.
            My testimony of fasting has been increasing this past week. It is a powerful tool that is often forgotten about.  I have felt and seen how it can help me personally.