Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 61

     Well I hope everyone had a great independence day. We missionaries forget there are these things called holidays. (except Christmas as Mothers day ;). We were driving back from exchanges when we saw the firework show in Durango. My favorite part of it all was to see all the city come out and be a standstill. As we drove home we saw people pull over to stop and watch the show. crowds of people were all standing on side of the roads threw whole town looking up in aw. We joked that this is what the second coming might look like. ;) My companion was staying the night in Blanding for exchanges that night so I got to give advise were the bst place in there is house is to watch the show. Its crazy to think I was there a year ago watching that very show. 
      The Elders forgot to plan a District hike so this week we will go YAY! We stayed busy and went to the fish hatchery and wildlife museum instead. 
     We are working on building our teaching pool so we are starting to get serious abut trackting. Though most missionaries say that its not the most effective but if you have the faith you will have the miracles. And we did!!! We got three new potential investigators. You get the funniest stories when you go knock peoples doors. We had a young woman answer the door with "oh hey!" We were a little taken back by how friendly she was. Normally they panic when they see us. So we guessed she might be a member but kept talking about who we are expecting that she was going to stop us and say "oh sisters i'm a member" But no. We found out shes not but has had a LDS family pick her up off the streets and take care of her for a while. She loves the church. She then randomly blurted out "do you want some blueberries!" My comp and I just looked at each other and replied sure. so she got out a big basket of them we we all just stood there eating. She was so funny. We were even able to give her a Book of Mormon and invited her to pray about it. 

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