Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 40

                This has been such a great week. I have been called to train again. I was assigned to train a sister Christophersen! She is already such an amazing missionary. I’m honored to be the one to train her.
                Sister Christophersen is from Wyoming. She is super crafty and loves exercising. She is hitting the ground running. I am learning a lot from her too. It has been a lot of fun watching her learn and get the hang of missionary life.  Just recently she has been learning how to properly answer the phone. She gets so excited to answer calls now.
                We have been doing a lot of tracting this week. While going door-to-door we meet a pastor of another faith. We talked to him and prayed with him. He accepted the book of Mormon that he had just rejected right before the prayer. The Spirit was there and that man’s heart was softened and he is now willing to read another testament of Jesus Christ.
                I had been praying to find people to teach. We have had a couple of referrals from the Church and met people on the street. The power of prayer is real!
                We gave a book of Mormon to a man who had requested one online. He wasn’t interested in talking to us but he was excited to read.  We are ok with that because we know that the prophets of ancient America (like Nephi) can teach him.
                I have been studying the Book of Mormon a lot lately. While reading I got a powerful but quiet feeling that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God. That it is true. I have never questioned it but now I know with a surety that it is true.  
                Aztec 2nd ward is the best! There are lots of members who offer to come with us to lessons. What a blessing! I suggest you help the missionaries in your area. They will appreciate it so much.
                There is a lot of muddy country roads here. In some places we only walk so we don’t get stuck. It’s fun to hike through the mud. One time while we were walking we saw a truck drive by with a large German Sheppard chasing it down trying to get at the dog inside the truck. The dog gave up the chase and turned straight to us. We were both afraid. I said a quick prayer in my heart. The dog started coming to us. For some reason I put my hand out for it to smell. The dog came up to me. I began to pet the dog and he became uninterested in us. When he left us Sister Christophersen put down a large rock she had picked up to defend herself. God is definitely watching over us. Missions are so exciting.
                I was reading some old Ensigns and found some article that talk about Blanding Utah! (My first area) They are titled “Sand and Stone” and “Faith to answer the call” in the July 2011 Ensign. I even know some of the people who went on that trek discussed in the article. Crazy Cool!
                Thank you everyone for all of the support. The Church Is True!

My Desk and Sister Christophersen

Trees in Durango

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 35

Well it has been a while since I have been 
able to update my posts. It has been crazy around here and I was transferred to Aztec New Mexico. It was a bitter sweet move after being in Blanding for such a long time. But I will go where the lord needs me to go. So rread on for the latest of my adventures. 

     We got permission to go to Farmington to shop at the local Walmart on Preparation Day. A real Walmart! It was a treat to be able to go there. :) 
     We also got to check out a really neat Wildlife Museum. It was alot bigger than I was expecting. It just keeped going and going. There were so many animals there, some I have never seen before. Apparently its the largest personal collection in the nation. Sweet! I ended up taking a ton of pictures. There were some man eaters there too. They had a Tiger that the villagers had asked this hunter from America to shot. Her name was Limping Tiger. She had an injury that keeped her form being able to hunt. so she would reach into huts pull people out and eat them instead. 
They also had a man eating alligator. He had a bunch necklaces the married tribal women would were in his belly. Yikes!    ​
     We got to split wood this week. That is always fun. 
     We had a Christmas Devotional before Christmas. President and Sister Adams both talked on the true meaning of Christmas. It was supper spiritual and then we ended it off with watching a few videos and slideshows Sister Adams has made to reflect on the year. We got to go home with mission Stockings that have our mission crest on it. 
     For District meeting we all got stockings form our District leader. He hung them up on the wall drew a fireplace with a little crayon fire. :P After District meeting we went caroling. It was really fun! I love all the different reactions we got. Some people would be do happy they cried. or some people would be frightened that there are a bunch of missionaries on there porch. :) 
     On Christmas Eve we ate at a members house. They have a tradition of eating Fondue on Christmas eve. That was my first time eating it and it was actually really good! (and just fun to eat)
Sister Herrera and I sang Christmas Hymns right before bed. and talked that night about times we have seen miracles and blessings in our lives. I truly felt the love my Heavenly Father has for me. It was the best Christmas ever.
     On Christmas morning we opened our presents shortly after morning exercises. 
     I loved Skyping with my family! It really made my day! I wasn't sad because I know I will see them again.

     I got a white Cgristmas

     The stockings a member made us

     Our Christmas tree

     The Wildlife Museum