Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 25

     This Week was very satisfying week. There is nothing like hitting the pillow exhausted and knowing you spent all your energy doing Gods will. Helping others come unto Christ. 
I trained on why and how missionaries can be converted themselves this week for our District meeting. I think I learned more than anyone else. I know I was called to train on that because I needed to more fully understand that for myself.
     We have been working alot on our "Center of Strength". It is when we tract the homes surrounding the church for about a mile or so and get to know the members and non members really well. They are the ones that will more likely stay active. The church was built there for a reason. those living near it are ready to receive or remember the Gospel of Christ. Our Mission President was the one to teach the center of strength to us. Elder Golden (one of the seventy) came to the Farmington New Mexico mission and told President Adams that the only way we will find success in this mission is using the Center of Strength. 
     Sister Woods and I have seen alot of blessings and success come form doing just that.
I was told that the only most obedient and hardworking missionaries are called to this mission because it is one of the hardest. I can see why. Alot of really small towns that already know or think they know about the church. We have to have patience, work can be slow at times. 
We had a neat experience of getting a referral from a member who said we could try knocking on this mans door but didnt think he would have his door opened to the missionaries. We gave it a shoot and guess what? He let us in! :D This Brother was a very kind and funny man. Quite the jokester. We will be meeting with him again next week.

Thank you for all your support and love.
I love you guys! -Sister Kimberling
PS: Happy Halloween!! 

It's finally fall.

Reading Sister Wood random animal facts

Week 24

     We had zone training this week.  Sister Woods was asked to teach.  She did great!! I tell her all the time she came pre-trained.
     The young sister who decided to committ to a mission last week already has her papers turned in.  That is crazy!!  She is so, so excited. She came knocking on our door just to inform us her papers are being submitted.  She then proceeded to do a happy dance. She says it feels right and that she has that warm feeling in her heart telling her this is good.  A lot of things in her life have prepared her for this and she never realized it until this last week.  We try to take her with us to lessons whenever possible to help her prepare. She says she wants Sister Woods and I to be there when she gets her mission call.
     Sister Adams our mission Presidents wife made a YouTube video of our mission. It's called "Farmington New Mexico Mission 2015" you get to see a small portion of my life in this mission. I'm in the video a couple of times. You should see if you can spot me.

Week 23

     This week we had zone conference in Cortez Colorado.  I love the Spirit that is felt at zone conference.  I learned that I should pray every day for my tongue to be loosed that I might let God speak through me.  I applied this challenge as soon as we got back in our area again.  After doing so my week went really really well. Sister Wood and I made a goal to talk to everyone we see.  I know the Spirit is helping us when we speak to people on the street, because I sat things that are so powerful that I didn't even mean to say.
     One night one of our appointments canceled and we saw a sister member we know working in her yard.  We jumped at the opportunity to help regardless of our skirts.  She wouldn't allow us to help her and get our clothes dirty.  At that moment her daughter came outside to talk, somehow the topic of serving a mission came up.  She said she didn't feel ready for a mission and she didn't know enough about the Gospel. I shared with her that that was exactly what I was worried about. I told her it was the best thing I've ever done in my life.  That the the Lord is there to help through the Spirit. He has helped me so much and he can help her too. She said ok see this line I am crossing it and at that moment decided to committ to going on a mission.  I was so honored to be there when she made this decision.
     Sister R's birthday was this week. She was the sister who showed up at 10 pm with a cake and sang happy birthday on my birthday.  So I had to help Her mom cover her car with sticky notes.  
     We helped make food for a paintball activity in th young single adult branch.  It was tempting to play but it's against the rules. Exact obedience brings miracles. It was still fun watching them play and our investigators who came had a blast. 

Sister R's sticky noted car

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 22

This was the best conference ever! That might be because I am a missionary but it really was great. I highly suggest listening to it. I know that we have a living prophet today to guide us in these latter-days. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 21

This was a great week! I love my new companion Sister Woods. I think she is the best and came pre-trained. She is so awesome now I cant wait to see how much greater she becomes. 
     I was able  to go to the Temple this past week. It was so amazing I love the spirit that you feel when your there. 
I know that Heavenly Father loves me and is with me every step of the way. I want to share this truth with everyone. And I love being a missionary and I love being a trainer. I love the spark new missionaries bring to the field.  
     We also saw the Eclipes. It was really neat. I love that God created such wonders for us to see.