Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 4

I got the go on hike on P-day! One of the families from our wards took us to some neat places. I go to go to “Fire House” and “Arch Canyon” SO FUN! Fire house is native ruins that light up red when the sun hits the stone above it just right.
Sister Rubinal is such a fun companion. We talk in accents all the time. Once I was asked if I was from England. hehe. We made a quote wall in our room of all the funny things we say. I should take a picture of that. We are blessed with a car in our area. We listen to Nashville Tribute all the time. We even have some songs memorized.
I’ve had lots of success lately. We have had several inactive members come back to church. I met a woman who my companion has been trying to have her pray. The lady volunteered to pray the first time I came over. Sister Rubinal says that she liked me. Miracles are happening! I had my first exchange this week. I think they are fun and I learn a lot. I have the best sister training leader ever!! She taught me so many tricks. I need to learn my area quickly. I have only a few weeks till my companion goes home. I know that God sent me here because I was needed and can handle it.
I got my first sunburn on my mission, awesome tan lines :) I got to go to a re-dedication of an old church building. It’s over 100 years old. Cowboys and sheep herders build it with their own supplies. It was the heart of Blanding for some time. I watched 17 miracles again. It was so inspiring. If they can go through what they did I can easily do this. 
Adventure Hike

Fire House Ruins

Arch Canyon

Service Project Making Flower Beds

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