Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 3


     My companion sister Rubinal has a child's shoe on her dashboard of the mission vehicle. His name is Bradley. Yes Bradley the shoe. She said that she is very attached to it and it’s probably not healthy. XD she found it in a parking lot early in her mission. I love her she is so funny. We talk to each other in British accents all the time.
      I’ve just arrived in Blanding UT population 4,000. There is only one grocery store and one blinking stop light in the whole town. I was told that the area I’m serving is the land of milk and honey because we are fed so well here. 80% of the population is LDS. That doesn't mean all of them are active members of the church though. I still can’t get over the fact that the dirt is red here. There are so many doves here too. They are everywhere! Half the people run around in cowboy boots. Many of the people here are Navajo. I got a book on the Navajo language. Not many speak it here though. 
     There is a sign outside of Blanding that warns of deer accidents. Apparently there is a major mule deer migratory route going across the highway. There is a sign that counts the number of accidents. Right now there have been 115. 

My Companion Sister Rubinal

Red Dirt

Making Friends

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