Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 2

     The time spent at the MTC is strange; it felt like I was there forever but at the same time it flew by. I have learned so much.  The power of prayer is real and amazing.  I am sad to leave my first companion. I will miss her.
      On the drive to the airport (3:30 A.M.) we almost hit some deer in the city and there was a pour elder that got sick on the drive so we played word/thinking games. I love our silly elders.          
The plains we flew in were small. I’ve decided l like smaller plains. I couldn’t sleep a wink because I was so excited. The view was incredible. The mountains in Durango, Colorado were covered with trees blanketed in snow. I was constantly trying to guess where I might be living down below. That was a long day we were up for 20 hours (I should have slept on the plain).  
      I got to meet my Mission President and his wife at the Durango airport. He is so nice and funny! He is very keen on making sure chivalry is still in practice.  Durango looks a little like home. As we drove to Farmington, New Mexico the land became flatter and dryer. It is beautiful in its own way. The rock formations are so bizarre and colorful. The dirt is even colorful. There are horses everywhere, some even run free.
     There are only two sister companionship's that can serve on the reservation at a time. Sister Breakall was thinking that I was going to go the reservation. We will see... I got assigned my new companion. Her name is Sister Rubinal. I got called to serve in Blanding Utah. Fun Fact It is Monsoon season right now.

My Favorite Painting In the MTC

MTC Farmington, New Mexico Missionaries

Watching The Sun Rise In Salt Lake City, Bye, Bye

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