Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 76

It's been an eye opener training a sister from my home town(ish) She is amazed by all the the things or phrases that we don't have up in north Idaho.  Some of these things are: Goat heads A weed that grows spiky stickers that are known to pop bike tires. They grow everywhere and I constantly have some stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  A monsoon which is a crazy big storm that comes out of nowhere. There usually are buckets of rain coming down that temporarily flood towns & roads. A wash is  like a dry creek bed that drains and all the excess water from the monsoons. It's funny how I now think that everyone has goat heads, monsoons & washes etc...  There is so much work to do in Bloomfield. A happy Missionary is a busy Missionary.
     We are teaching a young mom and here family. They came to church last week! Our first Sunday in Bloomfield and we already had an investigator at church. We taught her again this week and she told us that she is noticing a difference in herself after she started talking with us and coming to church. The children love church and all the church activities through the week.
     A less active woman we were teaching finally came to church! She was baptized a few months ago and has only attended church once after that. We had our ward mission leader and his wife come with us to teach her. He was very bold but loving toward her by asking here "what it was going to take to get her to come to church". She admitted she needed some encouragement. Guess what? She came to church this week!! :0)

As missionaries we get up out of bed before 6:30 on Sunday and meet with our ward mission leader at 7:00. So we somehow get showered and all dressed up in 15 minutes I have to say we are pretty impressed with ourselves.
     Our ward is huge! We always fill up the overflow area and have to seat people in the gym to fit. Our gospel principle class was so full we had to get creative with the seating arrangement so we aren't sitting on each others laps.
     We got to do some service this week. We washed and elderly woman s car for her. It was fun. It feels like summer here so it was nice to get a little wet.
     For district meeting I was asked to give a training and conduct a roll play. I got creative and had all the Elders (we are the only sisters in our district) teach my companion Sister Nicholes If any of you know her you would know that she is a really great actor. We had a shawl and a cane for her to play and elderly woman. I turned the role playing into a game. Each Elder could only say one sentence each. If they said more then they were out. They all got really into it. It was a blast. It taught them to listen to what their companion was saying.
     We met a man who wanted to do a Bible study with us. I thought we were going to study the Bible together but I was mistaken. All he talked about was what his beliefs are and why ours was wrong We didn't take the bait and argue with him but bore simple but powerful testimony that we know this is true and that he can know if the book of Mormon the keystone of our religion is true or false by reading and praying about it. He went on about how we didn't need to pray to know the the book of Mormon is false. I had teh prompting to ask him why he was afraid to pray about it so I did. He physically flinched at my words and denied that we was afraid and said he would pray about the book of Mormon. We saw him the next day and he had cleaned up and shaved his beard off and had his long hair pulled back and his confidence seemed brighter. I asked he had prayed yet. He paused and admitted that he hadn't yet but it made our day to see that the spirit was working on him and that we are making a difference in peoples lives.
some of the people we teach tell us that it is different having sister Missionaries teaching them instead of Elders. I'm curious how the Elders teach.
     We had an amazing experience teaching on the power of prayer and at the end of the lesson invited the father of the family say a kneeling closing prayer. In the middle of the prayer their home teacher came over. Their son got up and answered the door while we were still kneeling until the end of the prayer. Their home teacher was teary eyed and said "There is nothing like a father saying kneeling prayer with is family"
     It's October the month of Halloween. Our ward had a trunk or treat this week and it was so cute to see the kids dressed up. My companion and I like to play around and scare the the other companion sisters that we live with. I got them really good one night when we got home we saw that they were already in their office room planning for the next days lesson. I stood outside in the dark just lurking in the window until one of them looked up. The poor sisters eyes got huge as she screamed and fell over in fear. It was so funny! To get back at us they this porcelain doll that we named Bertha. I've hid it around around the house to scare each other. We once even found Bertha sitting in the back of our car buckled up and starring at us. So you could say we have the Halloween spirit this month.
     Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good week.

Sister Kimberling

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