Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 74

     Well Transfers were coming up but I didn't think too much was going to change with me going home so soon. Sister Porter Joked that I am going to be training and open up a new area. I thought it was funny because that would be the most extreme possibility. My head would be spinning by the time I would get to the airport. little did we know because 20 min latter I got a call form President Adams asking me to train and open up a new area in Bloomfield.
I'm excited for the adventure! I'm going to be so busy. This will be 4th time I've trained and She will be my 15th companion. (not counting my MTC companion)
      I just found out that we will be living with another companionship of sisters in Aztec but we will drive to Bloomfield every day to work in our area. I'm excited! I have never lived with another companionship of Sister Missionaries before. Let alone live next to any sisters. There are only 37 sisters in our whole mission of 170 missionaries. So we don't bump into each other often. 
     This week we talked to a man who is investigating the church. He is wanted to do some research on our religion and found that a TV show talked about the LDS church... Ancient ALIENS! He went on to inform us that it talked about Joseph Smith and the gold plates. That the angel Moroni was an alien who was from another galaxy or something. So apparently we are an extraterrestrial religion. We had to teach him the Restoration again to really clarify things. We hope we will pray about all of this and not just believe all that he sees on TV. But it made the week interesting :)  

Sister Porter Vs. The Spider
Bailee Got Baptized!
Goodbye Durango.

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