Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 75

Transfers Happened!! Wow there is so much to talk about! 
It was a weird feeling having all the things you own all in the truck. Leaving behind your old home to a new one. I stayed the night in Farmington, NM and the next morning I was assigned my new trainee companion. The Sister I was assigned to train is actually from my Stake back in North Idaho. Crazy! Her name is Sister Nicholes if any of you know her. Our schools were rivals in sports and we hung out some in Young Single Adults. Her dad was my Stake President. Its supper neat that Heavenly Father put us together out of all the possibilities.
We live with the Aztec 1 Sister missionaries. We are the only set of sisters living with another set in the whole mission. Mainly because there are not very many of us in the first place. Its weird having roommates that aren't your one companion. Its a really good group of sisters. We all get along and love to come home and tell stories of all the things that have happened in our own areas. We have a lot of good laughs. Its like a sleepover every night. The sisters love to remind me that I'm going home soon. They even made bets on when I will get married. all the bets are under a year... We like to workout in the mornings together by going on morning walks (in the dark). The moon has been supper bright the last few mornings. We are supper excited for Halloween because in the mission we have a rule to be inside for the night by 6pm. We are the only sisters that can hang out that night without having to leave our house! :D we are already planing some fun things to do. 
 So the area we opened up to sisters. We are sharing a ward with a companionship of Elders. We have the west half and they have the East side. They gave us a list of people they were teaching who live on our side of town. There are a lot of investigators. We even have people who are working towards Baptism! We have been going to town with the work here. There is so much to do its fantastic! I am loving it so much! We just invited a family to be baptized and they said yes! They even showed up to church this Sunday. 
The ward is SUPER excited to have sister missionaries. Apparently they haven't had sister missionaries for over 10 years. The Young Women are really excited to meet us and the single women in the ward are all dying to feed us because they could not feed the Elders (or give them hugs). We are the buzz of the ward right now. Everyone is surprised to find out me and my comp are both from CDA Idaho. We have been called the CDA sisters. Haha. 
The Ward is huge! the overflow area is not enough. they have to open up the gym every week for more seating space. The town of Bloomfield is 1/3 Hispanic 1/3 Navajo 1/3 White. Its supper fun. I found out my old Ward Mission Leader form Aztec 2nd ward has moved into the Bloomfield ward :D
 We are given food almost every night so far. Our Aztec sisters are really appreciating it ;) 
There was a stake Relief Society activity this week. I got to see a lot of members form my old area in Aztec 2nd ward. I was so happy to see them again. They all want me to keep in touch and come visit someday. The them of the activity was the parable of the ten virgins and their oil lamps. We made our own oil lamps in remembrance of how we need to always be filling our lamps with few drops every day to prepare to meet the bridegroom. The apart was so strong as they explained the symbolism in this painting. 
I am so grateful to me a missionary. I am grateful for the trust the Lord has in me. I know HE is mindful of me. That I am forever changed by my mission. I know that this is only the beginning of the growth He has in store for me. I know that Heavenly Father is a God of progression and I can keep the testimony I have gained. it will keep on getting stronger. 
Sister Nicholes and I with President and Sister Adams.

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