Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 16

This week was everything I hoped for and more! I had my birthday on P-Day and I was surprised when one of the young single adult members made a birthday cake and presented it to me that night. She had he candles all light and my Zone leaders on speaker phone and they sang happy birthday. It was so sweet of her. I almost cried. 
We had the mission tour! It was everything I hopped for and more. I even got to shake Elder Goldens Hand!! Ahh!! I learned a lot. 
We had a Baptism! It is my first one as a missionary. This investigator was the first person I taught in the field. I’m so blessed to be able to teach him all the lessons and be able stay long enough in Blanding to see him get baptized. He and his 8 year old sister got baptized on the dame day. His Grandpa baptized them. His grandpa had part in translating the Book of Mormon into Navajo. So cool!!! 
Thank you so much for your support everyone! 


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