Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 14

This week was a little frustrating because both my companion and I got sick but at different times.  Our area was affected by this.  We were unable to have as many lessons as we would have liked.
We got to train on obedience in zone training.  It went really well. We had a box full of different scenarios and we would take turns role playing on kindly correcting each other.  Everyone enjoyed it.  At one point the power went out.  The Elders continued giving the lesson in the dark as if nothing had happened. It turned out to be a very spiritual lesson.  Overall it was probably the best zone training thus far.
I got transfer news! I’m staying in Blanding. My new companion will be sister Browning. I am so excited!  I have gotten to know her through exchanges.  She is one of the funniest missionaries I know. We are going to have a blast working together.  She has served in Blanding earlier in her mission and she absolutely loves it.  It’s her last transfer before she goes home so she is excited about that too.

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