Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 68

This week has been full of great things. To start off because my past comp was ill I was not able to go on exchanges yet with all the sisters in my stewardship. so now we have been doing all six (each 24 hours) exchanges these last few weeks. I have been running around like crazy! but I can handle it. Im not overwhelmed by it all though. My poor new comp, Sister Anderson has only been able to work in Durango for 5 days the rest of the time she is in Cortez wotking woth the comp of the sister that is with me in Durango. She is a trooper. 
 We have been kocking alot. We mostly have been working in the local trailer parks beacuse they are fantastic for finding people to teach there. Most people there dont have alot and are humble and willing to listen to our message of hope and peace. Almsot all the people we talk to or teach are Lateino. I have grown to really love the spanish people! 
Sister Millard (one of my sisters I took on exchanges with) Knows spanish well enusf to hold a conversation and teach the gosple. I dont know any spanish and alot of people there speek only spanish or they somewhat know english. So the language barer is a fun cahllange. Whenever we have that problem we jsut give them a spaish Restoration panphlet so it can do the teaching. Just trying to think outside of the box. Anyways back to sister Millard. She was able to knocking with me and talk to all the people there in spanish. It was so funny to see the supprise on their face when they would hear this tall blond girl speak spanish. Before we would leave we liked to sing them a hymn. It brought the spirit is so strong when we sing. There was a family we sang to on there porch after sharing with them the reatoraion. the Children loved it so much that they begged us to sing another and anthoer. We endred up singing three songs. I know that they love it so much becuse they lilked the feelings the spirit brought. We then had a herd of children following us on the streets helping us with our spanish as we knock on their neeboors doors. then they would go quiet and sit still when they herd us start to sing again. We had a great time. We found several new investrigaots that day. We only need to find a few members that know spanish to be our translator. 

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