Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 64

     Missionary leadership council was this week. It's when all of the zone leaders and Sister training leaders meet with President Adams and Sister Adams to council on the needs and concerns of the mission. I love going. I learn so much while we share ideas and opinions. The Spirit was very strong in that little upstairs room. I know that Heavenly Father was guiding us to the conclusions that were best.

     We have been busy helping people move this week. We helped two families move and offered to help a third while walking the streets. We even had a lady move into town who had been taking the lessons from the sisters in the past. At one point the Sister missionaries were moved out of Durango. This Sister didn't feel comfortable with talking to the Elders.  But now we are back! I'm so grateful Heavenly Father helps us. She just came out of nowhere.  The second family we helped move was spontaneous. Bishop Blake gave us a call asking us to come help. On Sunday bishop mentioned the missionaries being able to help. Hopefully the ward knows they can call on us anytime.

     We got a text from a tourist from Utah who wanted some copies of the Book of Mormon. He had met a man and his girlfriend in Durango that might be interested in taking the discussions. Now that's what i call a member missionary. He was magnifying his calling even while on vacation.

     While tracting we met a family who were southern harpist. They were super friendly they are familiar with the L.D.S. Church and really like our values. They had us sit in there porch and talk a bit. They offered us bug spray and water. We learned that before they moved here they were in Keyenta. They said that no one talked to their neighbors which was strange to them because in the south everybody talks to and knows everyone. They said the only people who showed up on their porch to introduce themselves in that time was the missionaries. They liked that. We didn't even ask for there phone number they just gave it to us and said we should call if we need anything. They want to have us over for dinner sometime too. WOW!!! Our ward mission leader was super excited. He lives just down the street from them so he and his wife would go by bring cookies and introduce themselves. 
     There was a lady visiting the ward last Sunday. She is a ward missionary in her home ward and has a special place in her heart for Sister missionaries. She called us over across the room to tell that if we didn't have a dinner appointment this week she will feed us. She was super excited. To talk to us and even is going to invite one of her non member friends to the dinner as well.

   Life is good. Things are working out. I am grateful to be working  side by side with my Savior Jesus Christ. To say and do what he would say and do to the very people whom he has chosen me to. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of me and my needs. Thank you for reading have a great week.

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