Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 27

                It snowed this week! Oh my goodness I love the snow! Poor Sister Woods had to put up with me singing about it snowing or saying "guess what it's snowing" Sadly it melted the next day but we had a good inch of it.
                One YSA that had signed up to feed us had asked what we wanted for dinner. I jokingly said we wanted rabbit. Little did I know he would actually shoot and cook rabbit.  It really does taste a lot like chicken. I would eat it again.
                We had eaten with the same family several weeks ago. We talked about conference and they told us that there are shirts that say “Pondercise, what’s your verse?” Sister Woods and I thought that was so neat. So when we came over this week they surprised us. They got each of us our own Pondercise shirt. Coolest P-day shirt ever! It was so nice of them to do that.
                The November Ensign finally came! I have been reading and highlighting all the wonderful talks from conference.
                There is an investigator named Sister K. we have been teaching. She was on date to be baptized on November 14th. She was progressing so well but ran into a hiccup and thought we were going to have to change the date. We talked to her and explained that November 14th was the date we were inspired to set for her baptism. We decided to kneel and pray for guidance on what we should do and if we should keep November 14th or do it sometime in December. After the prayer we sat in silence listening closely. I asked her what she felt. She said November 14th. The crazy thing was Sister Woods and I felt the same impression. I don’t know how we could live without the guidance of the Holy Ghost.
                We had to make some phone calls to continue on with the November 14th date. One of the people we had to call was President Adams. I was also informed while talking to him that I will be the Cortez Colorado Sisters, Sister training leader; he also made a comment that he doesn’t’ foresee a lot of changes in the next upcoming transfer. It sounds like I might be staying here for Christmas!!  We got permission to keep the November 14th as the date. Now Sister Woods and I are running around trying t put a baptism together last minute. I can’t wait for her to be baptized and feel the spirit even more in her life.
                We have been walking a lot and knocking on tons of doors. It’s been an adventure wondering who might open the door.  We found a couple of nee investigators. One of them wants to see what happens at a baptism so we will be inviting her to Sister K’s.
                Oh I almost forgot to tell you where Sister L was called to server. She has been called to serve in the Reno Nevada mission! She is so excited and so am I. She is going to do great I just know it. She has been coming with us almost daily. She always asks great questions about being a missionary and how to address certain things. Whoever gets to train her will be one very lucky Sister because she really will be prepared. 

We Love Packages!

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