Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 25

     This Week was very satisfying week. There is nothing like hitting the pillow exhausted and knowing you spent all your energy doing Gods will. Helping others come unto Christ. 
I trained on why and how missionaries can be converted themselves this week for our District meeting. I think I learned more than anyone else. I know I was called to train on that because I needed to more fully understand that for myself.
     We have been working alot on our "Center of Strength". It is when we tract the homes surrounding the church for about a mile or so and get to know the members and non members really well. They are the ones that will more likely stay active. The church was built there for a reason. those living near it are ready to receive or remember the Gospel of Christ. Our Mission President was the one to teach the center of strength to us. Elder Golden (one of the seventy) came to the Farmington New Mexico mission and told President Adams that the only way we will find success in this mission is using the Center of Strength. 
     Sister Woods and I have seen alot of blessings and success come form doing just that.
I was told that the only most obedient and hardworking missionaries are called to this mission because it is one of the hardest. I can see why. Alot of really small towns that already know or think they know about the church. We have to have patience, work can be slow at times. 
We had a neat experience of getting a referral from a member who said we could try knocking on this mans door but didnt think he would have his door opened to the missionaries. We gave it a shoot and guess what? He let us in! :D This Brother was a very kind and funny man. Quite the jokester. We will be meeting with him again next week.

Thank you for all your support and love.
I love you guys! -Sister Kimberling
PS: Happy Halloween!! 

It's finally fall.

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